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Do you do refunds?


Do you do refunds for pre-orders?


How quick do you ship something out?

Usually within a week of the order being placed. even though you'll receive a "shipment" email when the package is assembled, give it a couple business days for the tracking info to update.

*this does not count pre-orders. as a general estimate assume 1-2 months for those given the circumstances. HOWEVER there may be more time needed.*

Something wrong happened, how do I contact you?

olivinearcstore@gmail.com and it will be responded to as fast as possible (usually within a week).

I need my order to arrive in time for xyz reasons (birthday, etc.)

I'll try to ship promptly but I can't promise anything.

Do you ship internationally?

For now.

Will I have to pay customs as an international buyer?

Yes. That's between you and your postal service.

Do you do order merging?

Not right now. Maybe later.

Will you restock something sold out?

Assume no. It may come back in stock later but there's no guarantee for any design. it may also come back in a different manner (enamel pin design becomes a charm for example)

We were communicating before and my issue hasn't been resolved.

While most everything should have been handled, revamping and reorganizing everything was still a multi-month process with a lot of shuffling around to settle on a system that seems the most manageable. If you happened to fall through the cracks after previous correspondence had begun, I sincerely apologize. Please reach out at olivinearcstore@gmail.com as a reminder or for whatever other reason so we can try and properly help you this time.

Some of your listings still say they're pre-orders.

Everything is in stock besides the Fat Cat sweaters, so it's likely I made a mistake and haven't updated the specific listing yet. This is most common in listings for older items I don't plan to re-print such as Animal Crossing. Sorry about that. If you catch one, feel free to let me know, or otherwise I'll just adjust it when I catch it.